What is Infragard?
Infragard® is a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) program that began in the Cleveland Field Office in 1996. It was a local effort to gain support from the information technology industry and academia for the FBI’s investigative efforts in the cyber arena. The program expanded to other FBI Field Offices, and in 1998 the FBI assigned national program responsibility for Infragard® to the former National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) and to the Cyber Division in 2003. Infragard® and the FBI have developed a relationship of trust and credibility in the exchange of information concerning various terrorism, intelligence, criminal, and security matters.

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  2014 OHS/InfraGard: Cyber-Strategies for a Safer Ohio Summit  
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Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

InfraGard Meeting

Andrew J. Stefanik
Infrastructure Protection Manager
Strategic Analysis and Information Center
Ohio Homeland Security

Mr. Stefanik will discuss Ohio Homeland Security programs, past cases, and partnership opportunities.

** plus nuggets **

Terror in Mumbai
Garry Brown will present a frightening story of a deadly attack in Mumbai India. It is easy to imagine it happening here.

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You and your Guests. This is NOT a classified briefing. [InfraGard credentialing not required]

Wednesday, Sept,24th, 2014, 8:30am to noon.
Registration from 8:00 to 8:30 am.

Highlights for Children
1800 Watermark Drive (directions below)

InfraGard Chapter Meeting


Featured Speaker: Andrew J. Stefanik
Infrastructure Protection Manager, Strategic Analysis and Information Center, Ohio Homeland Security

Andrew Stefanik is originally from North Royalton, Ohio and enlisted in the Ohio Army National Guard while still in high school. He completed basic and advanced individual training at Fort Leonard Wood MO as a Military Police Officer and returned to his home unit which was the 135th Military Police company. While working as a correction officer with the North Royalton jail, He then attended Tiffin University pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice but was deployed after 9/11 for operation Noble Eagle. After returning home from Fort Bragg , he was redeployed for Operation Iraqi Freedom and conducted security and training operations in Baghdad Iraq. Upon his return home, he completed his bachelor’s degree and continued working as a probation officer with the Parma Justice Center near Cleveland. In 2005, Andrew completed his Master’s Degree with Tiffin University and was honorably discharged from the Army. In early 2008 he began working for Ohio Homeland Security as the Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Coordinator. Additionally, Tiffin University has asked him to join them as an Adjunct Faculty where he teaches on Saturdays at the Columbus State Campus on a variety of subjects. In January of 2014, Andrew then took another position within Ohio Homeland Security as the Infrastructure Protection Manager.

A new feature to our meetings is our "Nuggets." They are one or two 20 minute presentations by subject matter experts on issues and actionable steps to take to protect your organizations.

First Nugget: Terror in Mumbai - A look at what’s coming here?
Garry Brown - Vice President, International Affairs, Highlights For Children

Garry Brown will give a brief review of the attack in Mumbai, India by a handful of moderately trained, impressionable kids.
They killed or injured hundreds to very little resistance. They used machine guns, grenades, and some bombs with timers. Their command and control was coming out of Pakistan with the use of cell phones. The video includes actual footage of executions on non-combatants, mixed with the actual communication that was intercepted by the Indian government.

We will have an open discussion among the attendees. Please bring your ideas.

Emerging Threats Briefing from Law Enforcement, and sharing from members.


Directions to meeting location:
Highlights for Children is located northwest of the intersection of I-670 and Grandview Avenue, If you are coming west on I-670, Watermark Drive is a continuation of the exit ramp to Grandview Ave. If coming east on I-670, Watermark is the first traffic light (left) north of the exit ramp. You can also catch Watermark Drive running south from Dublin Road just west of Grandview Avenue, or running west from Grandview Avenue just south of Dublin Road.

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If you
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Report suspicious activity to:

Federal Bureau of Investigation - call: (614) 224-1183
Ohio Homeland Security - call: (877) OHS-INTEL (877-647-4683)
or your local law enforcement - call: 911


CERT Basic Training
Thursday nights from 6-9pm
Classes begin September 18th and continue through November 13th
Location: Franklin County Emergency Management and Homeland Security
Address: 5300 Strawberry Farms Blvd, Columbus, Ohio 43230

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DHS Infrastructure Protection and Regional Consortium Coordinating Council – JCIP: Joint Critical Infrastructure Partnership Webinar Series

Preparedness, Risk Management
September 23, 2014, 11am to 12pm ET or September 30, 2014, 2pm to 3pm ET
Click here for more information

Cyber Security Awareness, Awareness, Assessment
October 21, 2014, 11am to 12pm ET or October 23, 2014, 2pm to 3pm ET
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Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience, Public/Private Partnerships
November 18, 2014, 11am to 12pm ET or November 20, 2014, 2pm to 3pm ET
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Essentials of Community Cyber Security (AWR-136)
Wednesday, October 15, 2014 - Noon-5pm
This is a four (4) hour non-technical introduction to cyber security. This basic awareness course will explore cyber security in a community context and demonstrate how cyber-attacks can impact, prevent, and/or stop business operations and emergency responses. It is an awareness level course for participants who are interested in how cyber can impact a community and what role everyone plays concerning this threat. This discussion-based course builds basic terminology, identifies fundamental cyber threats, vulnerabilities and countermeasures that can impact an individual, organization and community.

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Promoting Community Cyber Security (AWR-135)
Thursday, October 16, 2014 - 9am-4pm
The Promoting Community Cybersecurity (PCCS) course is designed to give participants an introduction to cybersecurity topics, methods, and processes, and to explore organizational responsibilities in the context of the community, state and nation. The course provides an overview of the steps taken within organizations to protect their cyber resources. The course also looks at that protection within the context of the broader community. Participants will explore the impact of the interconnections and dependencies introduced by information technology. Basic concepts of cybersecurity, network connectivity, threats, types of attacks, and the structure of the Community Cybersecurity Maturity Model (CCSMM) will be discussed. The basic characteristics of communities and organizations that exhibit good cybersecurity are examined through the use of case studies within the context of each CCSMM dimension. In addition, the interrelationships between the dimensions of the CCSMM and the dependency on each dimension for good cybersecurity are also discussed.

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2014 OHS / InfraGard Security Summit - Monday, October 27th, 2014
More details will be posted here soon.


Suspicious Activity Reporting
DHS has developed several different online training programs explaining the DHS National Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative, and included one for Private Sector Security.


*** The FBI is recruiting! ***
Computer scientists wanted - see the details here


FEMA Independent Study Program
Online (no charge)
The complete online course catalog
FEMA IS Courses


Introduction to Public-Private Partnerships
Online (no charge)
Recommended course for all InfraGard Members
FEMA Course IS-660


EMP Special Interest Group
This is a new effort that is being headed by Chuck Manto from the Maryland IMA. Chuck can be reached at 410-991-1469 or
if you have any additional questions about the SIG.

EMP-SIG Press Release       EMP-SIG Overview



Presentation by Michael J. Pannell, Director, Franklin County Emergency Management and Homeland Security
FCEM&HS Agency Brief


Presentation by Tamara Kaufman, Marketing and Communications Director, Central Ohio InfraGard
Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)


Presentation by Marshall Dyson, Vice President, Central Ohio InfraGard
The Lone Wolf


Resources from the 2013 Security Summit:
Presentation by Robert Behlen, US Executive District Attorney
18 U.S.C. 1030 - Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
Executive Order 13636 — Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity
Recommendations from the Security Presentation


Presentation by Brent Huston
Introducing the Stolen Data Impact Model (SDIM) Project
You can also find the SDIM materials here: sdimsite.blogspot.com


References Provided by Porter Wright Law Firm
Ohio's Requirement to Report Data Breach to Law Enforcement
Ohio's Data Breach Notification Laws
Measuring Loss of a Data Breach

A Trans-Atlantic exploration of emerging privacy law and policy issues
Implementing cloud strategies
Don’t forget about e-discovery when moving to the cloud
Top three trends from the 2013 IAPP Global Privacy Summit
What Border Officials Can Do with Your Laptop And Cellular Phone
One Year Later: An Update on the Proposed EU Privacy Regulation
Canada’s Tough Anti-spam Legislation (CASL) Moves Closer to Being Effective
State Tort and CFAA Claims Survive Motion to Dismiss In Ohio Employee Cyberhacking Case
Information Privacy Regulation – What You Need to Know About Current Developments
The Sedona Conference® Publishes International Principles on Discovery, Disclosure & Data Protection
Data Protection in Social Networks
What’s next in EU data protection?


RBN Presentation by Alan Czarnecki
Snort for the Road Warrior


2012 Critical Sector and Issues Symposium
Ohio Homeland Security
Director Richard Baron keynote presentation
Ohio Emergency Management Agency
Chief Patrick Sheehan presentation
US Department of Homeland Security
Deputy Director Bradford Willke presentation


Dan Houser, "BYOD(evice) without BYOI(nsecurity)"
Mr. Houser's presentation at RSA Conference 2012 (video).
Mr. Houser's presentation at RSA Conference 2012 (slides).


Donald Barker, TSA - List of Resources
Mr. Barker has supplied these links as references to his presentation.


John Myers, Franklin County Sheriff's Office - List of Resources
Capt. Myers has supplied these contact links as references to his presentation.


State of Ohio Cyber Security Strategy
Ohio is taking a proactive stance on cyber security and building a foundation for the future. In the coming year the cyber security working group recommends that the following steps be taken, within the timeframes indicated, to begin forming this foundation.
Look at Initiative #4 for InfraGard's part in this strategy.


DHS Private Sector Resources Catalog 2.0
This document collects the training, publications, guidance, alerts, newsletters, programs, and services available to the private sector from across the U.S. Department of Homeland Security


Presentation given by Dr. Michael J. Frankel
Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), Nov 18th, 2010


Presentation given by AUSA Robert Behlen
References and Links, May 26th, 2010


Presentation given by Beth Eck
(First Link and Citizen Corps) March 24, 2010


Presentation given by Michael Fielding
(Columbus Dept. of Health) Sept. 23, 2009


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